Special Education

Upward works with children from ages 3 to 22. Our goal is to provide and create an educational basis on which to build their future growth.

The early years are especially crucial for children with disabilities. Without early intervention, further delays in language, motor and cognitive skills can occur. These delays can also trigger emotional and financial stress for parents and other family members.

Disabilities can be caused by many things - premature birth, a near drowning, Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, or any number of birth defects or childhood illnesses. The educational needs of each child we serve are unique.

Our special educators work together with families to determine each child’s opportunities and potential.

As a result, a comprehensive, individualized plan is developed -- structured, yet extremely flexible.

In pre-school and grades K-12, the special educational curriculum is often incorporated with therapy activities which are also offered at Upward.

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