Pediatric Therapies

Upward provides a full range of pediatric outpatient therapies in five distinct disciplines, to children with developmental disabilities:
  1. Occupational therapy
  2. Physical therapy
  3. Speech & language therapy
  4. Feeding/swallowing therapy
  5. Music therapy
Therapy is an enjoyable experience at Upward. The therapy rooms are full of bright colors, great shapes, and wonderful feels and smells.

Children play and learn on a variety of equipment. They are taught and cared for by loving, compassionate and highly skilled therapists devoted to improving your child's view of the world, and his or her role in it.

Upward Therapies Staff

All Upward therapists exceed standards required for licensing by the State of Arizona, as well as those of the industry’s national certification organizations.

Averaging more than 10 years experience in Pediatric Developmental Therapies, Upward offers a combination of education, credentialing and experience unparalleled in the Valley of the Sun.

"Your Child Deserves Our Best!"

When you and your pediatrician decide it’s time to consider therapy for your child, please consider Upward. We are a United Way agency, and we accept most insurance programs.

Cick here to request for more information about how the Upward Pediatric Therapies program can make a difference in your special child’s life.