As we enter the fifth month since the Coronavirus turned into a global pandemic, UPWARD continues to offer programs and services that meet critical community needs.

UPWARD has continued to offer integrated Childcare for children with and without disabilities throughout the pandemic.  This has been especially critical for essential workers with young children.  We also continue to provide Teletherapy, offering Speech, Feeding, and Music Therapy for children with special needs.

The Governor has delayed onsite instruction until at least August 17th.  At UPWARD, we developed a Home School Model last spring to serve our students.  We will continue to roll out the Home School Model starting August 5th with 22 students enrolled.

Finally, we unfortunately temporarily closed our Adult Day Training Program.  With all of our young adults facing significant medical challenges and most having compromised immune systems, group homes and families are keeping the young adults at home for the near future.  We will be prepared to reopen once families are comfortable again sending their young adult to campus.

The past few months has been extremely challenging for everyone and we are no different at UPWARD.  CEO Doug Carter said, “We are grateful to all of the Individuals, Corporations, Foundations, and the United Way who provided support to sustain us through this crisis.  We look forward to continuing to serve the community as we move closer to 2021.”