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Dear Friends,
Needless to say, this past year has been challenging for all of us. The COVID-19 Global Pandemic affected everybody including UPWARD.  I am pleased to report we managed through the storm, continuing to provide services that met critical community needs.

We offered quality affordable childcare to many families in which both parents were essential workers.  We did see a slight dip in attendance due to many parents working from home during the pandemic, however we are now at 90% capacity.  A father who both he and his wife are health care providers said, “UPWARD has been a savior for our family because my wife and I both have to work during the pandemic.”

As the governor ordered school closings, we moved to Hybrid Model of Instruction for Children in our Private Day School.  The students we serve have special needs making remote instruction challenging.  Some of the higher functioning students attended school in person. A special thanks to our Education Director and the teachers for finding creative and fun ways to continue to provide school for our children during the pandemic.

We also continued to provide outpatient pediatric therapy during the pandemic.  We were able to successfully launch teletherapy meetings to serve many kids in need of speech, feeding, occupational and music therapy.

Finally, we temporarily closed our program for young adults with severe disabilities.  However, I am pleased to report we are opening one of our classrooms on May 17th and we are full with a waiting list.  We will see how it goes and if all goes well will open a second classroom this summer.

We continue to be thankful for our generous supporters, many of whom provided emergency funding to help get us through this unprecedented pandemic.  We look forward to slowly getting back to some semblance of normalcy in the next four to six months.

Yours in service,

Doug Carter