Commemorative Gift Opportunities

The campaign leadership wishes to make a public and enduring record of those who have invested generously to make the new UPWARD campus a reality. A beautiful donor wall will be prominently displayed as a permanent reminder — for generations to come — of the commitment and generous support of those who made this dream a reality. Gifts can be made in memory or honor of a loved one or anonymously and will be recognized as such.

Permanent naming opportunities
This campaign will be a permanent legacy for our community. Permanent naming opportunities are available beginning at $100,000. Dedicatory opportunities begin at $50,000.

The UPWARD Campus
This naming opportunity creates a source of community pride and the greatest visibility for the donor, including street-level marquee signage on these beautiful buildings, viewed by passerby and UPWARD participants.
Classroom and Adult Day Treatment Building $500,000
Childcare and Administration Building $500,000
Therapy Building $500,000
Main Lobby and Reception Area $250,000
Group Therapy Room - Reserved $250,000
Playground $250,000
Multi-Purpose Room - Reserved $150,000
Classrooms (6) - Reserved (1) $100,000
Therapy Gym - Reserved $100,000
Music Therapy Room - Reserved $75,000
Bus Canopy – Reserved $70,000
Speech Therapy Room (2) - Reserved (1) $50,000
Speech/Feeding Therapy Room $50,000
Physical Therapy Room (2) $50,000
Occupational Therapy Room (2) $50,000
Digital/Media/Activity Center $50,000
Rock Garden $50,000
Parent Waiting Room $50,000
Adult Day Rooms (2) - Reserved (1) $50,000
Kitchen $50,000
Infant and Childcare Rooms (2) $50,000
Nurses Stations (2) $50,000
Staff and Volunteer Break room $50,000
Sensory Therapy Room $50,000
Water Therapy $50,000
Transportation Center $50,000
CEO Office - Reserved $50,000
Administration $50,000
Landscaping $50,000
Patio $50,000
Patio/Walkway Tiles: Gold (30) $25,000
Patio/Walkway Tiles: Silver (40) Reserved (9) $10,000
Patio/Walkway Tiles: Copper (30) Reserved (5) $5,000

Note:   Amounts indicated do not necessarily reflect actual construction costs, but are an indication of the memorial or tribute value. Donors will be offered selection of commemorative naming opportunities based on the amount and date of their gift commitment.